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Tech : Self Test the quality of your LabelWriter print output

If you ever want to check how well your Dymo LabelWriter is printing, that is, if you want to see the print quality, there's a simple feature loaded on your LabelWriter that will give you the answer you're seeking.

Doing a test print isn't necessarily for everyone - it's not like you need to do this at all. You would do it though if you are questioning the output you are currently getting from your LabelWriter.

LabelWriter printers have an in-built feature that is commonly referred to as the 'self test'. When you invoke the 'self test' a series of patterned lines is printed out. Lines vary from horizontal to vertical, and in line thickness. Inspecting the labels closely will show if the print head is functioning correctly by printing consistent output across the width of the label.

To run the self-test, do the following:

  • Press the 'form feed' button on the front of your LabelWriter and hold it down for around 10 seconds
  • the 'self test' will start to print the series of test patterns, now you can release the button
  • to stop the 'self test' simply press the 'form feed' button again
If the quality of print from your LabelWriter doesn't appear to be high as you would expect, (i) you could have an issue with the print head, (ii) you could have something obstructing the print head or (iii) you could have an issue with the quality of the labels you are using. Note: if you are using genuine Labelcity or Dymo LabelWriter labels, the issue will not be in the quality of the labels.