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Tip : Flexible Nylon Rhino Labels = Perfect for Curved Surfaces

Dymo Rhino Labels are designed for 'industrial' type scenarios, where a high quality and durable label is required. There's a number of different label materials in the Rhino range, including Polyester, Colored Vinyl, Heat Shrink and Flexible Nylon.

Each material type has attributes that make it better for certain uses. Permanent Polyester is a highly durable label material, perfect for flat surfaces. Colored Vinyl labels are great for color coding and warning labels. Heat Shrink tubes are of course perfect for cable and wire labeling.

Rhino Flexible Nylon Labels are perfect for curved surfaces, whether it be cables or wires, or on other surfaces such as round metal tubing or even curved plastic items - if it's a curvy shape, these labels are ideal.

The Flexible Nylon label material is extremely flexible, as the name implies, and is memory-resistant, meaning that it doesn't 'rebound' back to a previous form. The material is very high-tech, is durable and these labels also have a permanent glue/adhesive so they stay stuck.

Like all Dymo Rhino Labels, the flexible nylon labels are extremely durable and will not fade or discolor quickly when exposed to UV light. The Flexible Nylon labels are available in various sizes, ranging from _� up to 1� - each tape measures 11.5 feet in length. Learn more about Rhino Flexible Nylon labels here.