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Tech : Fixed length labels on the Dymo Rhino 6000

Normally the length of a label is determined by the length of the text string you want to print. If you want to print a sequence of say 10 characters, by default that label will be shorter than a label that is 15 characters long. On the Dymo Rhino 6000 you can actually specify the length of the label, irrespective of how much text you want to print on it.

Take for instance a scenario where you need to print a collection of labels that have different length character strings, but you want them to all be say 3 inches long. To set the label length you simply press the FIXED button, enter the desired length and then press OK. It’s as simple as that.

One thing you need to be conscious of is that your text might actually be too long for the fixed length label. The text that will not fit on the label will appear shaded on the Rhino 6000 LCD display, and that text will be truncated when the label is printed. An idea would be to set the desired length, enter in the longest character string(s) and see if it fits. If it doesn’t then you could try a different fixed length for all the labels, or you could try different font sizes and/or styles.

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