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As a specialist RhinoPro supplier, Labelcity carries the entire range of Rhino Label Tape Supplies. Ranging from a narrow 1/4" (6mm) right up to 1"(24/25mm) there's a Rhino Labels for every purpose. In the range you will find (i) Flexible Nylon (ii) Permanent polyester (iii) Vinyl (iv) Heatshrink (v) non-adhesive and (vi) self laminating labels.

Labelcity carries 100's of Rhino tapes in stock, we have fresh stock arriving almost daily and over 90% of orders placed by 4pm EST ship that same day. This all means that you will never have to wait long for your Rhino labels.

Flexible Nylon Labels
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Permanent Polyester Labels
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Metallized Perm Poly Labels
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Vinyl Labels
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Heat Shrink Tubes
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Wide variety of RhinoPro Labels

Flexible Nylon Labels
These labels are made from a flexible nylon label making them suitable for curved or flat surfaces, i.e. wires, patch panels, machinery, equipment, bins, etc. Especially useful for wire and cable wraps, flexible nylon labels are memory-resistant so they wrap easily around curved surfaces (including wire and cable). Best of all, these adhesives stick even where dirt and oil pose threats. (available SKU's: 18488 : 18489 : 18490 : 18491)

Permanent Polyester Labels
With a shinier finish than Flexible nylon, these Permanent Polyester Label tapes reflect well on your professionalism – featuring a more sophisticated look that’s ideally suited for flat surfaces: name-and-rating plates, patch panels, cabinets, shelves, bins, equipment and more. (available SKU's: 18482 : 18483 : 18484)

Metallized Permanent Polyester Labels
These are the same performance characteristics as the above Permanent Polyester Labels, but have a metallized finish. (available SKU's: 18485 : 18486 : 18487)

Vinyl Labels
Vinyl labels are ideal for general identification purposes where color-coding is essential, these help improve the visual recognition of your warning and safety messages, patch panels/ face plates and more. Easy to apply with maximum durability, these can be used in direct sunlight, as well – and are ideal for outdoor surfaces.

Heat Shrink Tubes
Specifically designed for any application requiring normal heat shrink tubing, these industrial-grade polyolefin labels help you eliminate one labeling step – by printing directly on the tubing. These advanced labels feature a 3:1 heat-shrink ratio. (available SKU's: 18051 : 18052 : 18053 : 18054 : 18055 : 18056 : 18057 : 18058)