Rhino 1000 Industrial Label Printer

Dymo Rhino 1000 The Rhino 1000 Industrial Label Printer (aka RhinoPro 1000) is the entry-level labeller from Dymo targeted at serving the basic needs of electricians, audio/video installers, facility managers or do-it-yourselfer's.

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To shave seconds and give you professional results with less effort, the tool’s intuitive, simple interface and instant label and symbol keys will help you quickly identify cables and wires, faceplates, punch blocks, audio/video components, warehouse storage, equipment, machinery and garage shelves. It’s so lightweight, arm fatigue just won’t be a factor. And your modest investment will serve you for the long haul – thanks to Rhino 1000’s sturdy, industrial-grade construction.

Rhino 1000 Datasheet Download the Rhino 1000 Datasheet (PDF)

Rhino 1000 User Guide Download the Rhino 1000 User Guide (PDF)

Rhino 1000 Specs

Model Dymo Rhino 1000 Industrial Label Printer (formerly RhinoPro 1000)
SKU 15604
Compatible Labels Rhino Labels
PC Connectivity no
Size 6" (L) x 4" (W) x 1.75" (D)
Weight approx 9 oz.
Power uses 6 AAA batteries (not included)
AC adapter no, not an option
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Contents RHINO 1000
one 1/2" (12 mm) white flexible nylon label cartridge
User Manual
Quick Start Card

Rhino 1000 Features

  • “Hot keys” provide automatic label formatting for flag, fixed-length and vertical labels
  • Serial key for automatic printing of incremental text and numerical information
  • Flag key prints two-sided labels for cables and wires with a single touch
  • Fixed length key automatically centers and prints to your specs (ideal for outlets, bins, warehouse and more)
  • Last-label memory eliminates re-keying
  • Prints up to two lines in three font sizes – horizontally and vertically
  • Prints italics, underline and boxed text
  • Large, backlit 11-character display
  • Put it anywhere – compact size

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