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Tip : Rhino 4200 versus Rhino 4200 Case Kit

The Rhino 4200 is a perfect tool for Electricians, pro AV / Installers, HVAC installer and facility managers. It has a whole bunch of built-in hot keys that enable fast label formatting for applications such as wires, cable, flags and fixed-length applications including patch panels and terminal blocks. The Rhino 4200 also has a 'favorites' key which gives you fast access to your most used labels, symbols and terms. With a rubber bumper, the Rhino 4200 is less prone to damage caused by on-the-job drops or falls.

But enough of the specs, the real question we're asking today is "what is the difference between the Rhino 4200 and the Rhino 4200 kit ?". Simple, the difference lies within the extra goodies you get with the Kit. The Rhino 4200 printer is constant in both packages - there's no difference in the actual printer you get when you buy it as a standalone or in the kit. The starter label cartridge is the same in both options - you get a White Vinyl Label tape measuring 1/2" wide by 18' long. You also get the same Quick Reference Guide in each option. With the Kit you get a hard carry case. With the Kit you get a Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery. With the Kit you get an AC Adapter. Following is a summary of each option:

Rhino 4200 Label Printer (1801611)

  • Rhino 4200 Label Printer
  • Vinyl Label Cartridge, Black on White, 1/2" x 18’
  • Quick Reference Guide

Rhino 4200 Case Kit (1835374)

As you can see, by clicking on the links for the extra items you get with the Rhino 4200 kit, for not a lot more $$, you get a lot more value for money. We always recommend the 4200 Kit.....