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Tip : Rhino 18489 Flexible Nylon Barcode Label

Rhino Flexible Nylon labels are an excellent choice for labelling curved surfaces. Furthermore, being flexible means they are the obvious go-to label for cables and wire. Applying the labels is as simple as peeling off the backing sheet and wrapping the label around the wire or cable. And, with all adhesive Dymo Rhino labels, the backing sheet has a split in it, so peeling it off is extremely easy.

But what exactly do users put on their Flexible Nylon labels ? The answer to that is not clearly definable because there are so many different pieces of information that are put on cables and wires. Many users will have a simple string of letters signifying where that cable came from - it could even be a word such as "Reception" or "Router" for instance. Other users print numerical sequences, some add symbols (which are built-into various Rhino printers) and some print barcodes for cable identification.

Rhino Label printers enable users to print a range of different barcodes - from EAN, to code 39 and UPC. As depicted, a barcode label created on a Rhino 18489 Flexible Nylon label can be adhered to a cable or plug. The flexibility of this label ensures that a large surface area of the label makes contact with the cable - these labels are designed to stick and stay stuck.

The Rhino 18489 label is one of a number of Rhino Flexible Nylon labels which are available in 2 colors (white or yellow) and 3 sizes (1/2", 3/4" and 1").