Tip : Rhino 18113 non-adhesive labels on Warehouse Racks

Using sticky adhesive labels on shelving can be messy if you regularly change what is on that particular shelf - or the description on the label changes often. If you dont change the items on a shelf often, using an adhesive label is quick and easy. But, in warehouses that store seasonal items for instance, the description of the items on a particualr shelf may change numerous times each year. Having to remove and replace adhesive labels could prove to be a time-consuming process. Some would just stick the new label over the top of the old label. That works, but eventually, they will need to remove the labels and start afresh.

A better solution is to use a labelling system that utilizes a sleeve where a non-adhesive label can simply slide into. Basically, you slide out the old label and slip the new one in. The picture shows exactly this type of labelling system. The Rhino 18113 non-adhesive label (once printed) can be slid into the protective label holder. Simple, no fuss, no mess. When it comes time to change the label, the user slides the old label out and the new one goes in.

Printing this kind of label is simple, and the most cost-efficient label maker is the Rhino 4200 (although any of the Rhino Label Printer Range will do it). Using the Rhino 18113 label stock, you simply key in the text you want to print, and print the label. Of course you have the scope to set the font size and style, and you can even add barcodes and symbols (varies on each Rhino model). Note: the Rhino 18113 label tape is 1/2" (12mm) wide and 18' (5.5m) long.