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Dymo RhinoPro Cleaning & Maintenance

Dymo Rhino Pro labelers are high-end handheld machines that normally do not require any maintenance. Sometimes you might experience light/faded print, and if you do, please follow these instructions:

Solution 1:
Replace the existing batteries with a new/fresh set of alkaline batteries. The print head requires a significant amount of battery power to ensure proper printing on the label. Light print on the label may be an indication that the batteries need to be replaced.

Solution 2:
Replace the existing tape cassette with a new tape cassette. Light printing may be an indication of bad label stock.

Solution 3:
Using the special brush supplied with your label maker (located on the inside cover of the cassette compartment) or a cotton swab with a soft solvent (e.g. rubbing alcohol), carefully clean the transporter roller and print head. Dust, dirt, or glue may accumulate on the rubber transport roller or print head inside the cassette compartment and adversely affect print quality.

If the solutions listed above do not resolve the problem, please contact DYMO Technical Support on (203) 588-2500 to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number.

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