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With over 60,000 customers and more than 16yrs experience, we've learned a lot about what informational resources our users need and want.

We're talking about all the small things here, like links to Software Downloads, links to product documentation, information on Warranties, contact details for Technical Support, information on compatible software solutions........ and the list goes on

Fact is that all of this information is available elsewhere - there's no secret about this simple fact - but we've taken the time to drag all this information together onto the one site, and we've put it into an easy-to-navigate layout. This is a very unique collection of such information, and it's totally FREE..... and it's constantly being updated.

We'd be very surprised if you never needed anything that this part of has to offer, so we'd recommend you to bookmark this page. Remember, we're dealing with shortcuts to very useful information and tools here - and there's not a Dymo, CoStar or Seiko user that could honestly say that they couldn't benefit from these pages at all.

Furthermore, as an owner of a Dymo, CoStar or Seiko labelling machine, we would very much value any feedback you have on your experience with your printer and we would also like to know if you think there is anything we should be adding to this Resources site.

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