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eBay / Paypal Shipping Labels

Now you can print US Post (USPS) and UPS Shipping Labels right from your eBay or PayPal account. The net result is that you reduce the amount of time you spend shipping your items when you purchase and print domestic and international shipping labels at home through eBay or PayPal.

Printing labels is free, you only pay for the cost of shipping! All you need is a Dymo LabelWriter printer and some Dymo 99019 1-part shipping labels.

eBay Shipping and PayPal Shipping is a relatively new feature that is surely making life easier for Ebay and Paypal merchants. Because your custoemrs details are already in your eBay or Paypal account, there's no need to transpose them across to a separate 'shipping' program to create your labels, and thus avoiding any errors in retyping. You simply select the 'Print Shipping Labels' button in eBay or the 'Ship' button in Paypal and follow the prompts (click here for full instructions)

Advantages of eBay Shipping / Paypal Shipping

Insure your packages right from your computer
With USPS labels, you can purchase up to $500 in shipping insurance right in the label printing flow. If you need more than $500 in insurance with USPS, you can purchase it at the Post Office. Each UPS domestic package or international shipment is automatically protected by UPS against loss or damage up to a value of US$100. For protection above US$100, shippers may declare a value up to $999 when shipping through PayPal.

Pay with PayPal
You can pay for shipping labels safely and conveniently using your PayPal account. With UPS labels you also have the option to bill your own UPS account. Note: You can use PayPal to buy shipping labels even if you don't offer PayPal as a payment method for your items.

Print your shipping labels right at home
With the buyer's address pre-filled for your convenience, you can print your shipping label right to your Dymo LabelWriter.

Request a pickup from USPSŪ or UPSŪ and save a trip to the Post OfficeTM or UPSŪ location After you have printed your label, simply request a pickup from USPS or UPS in order to save gas and a trip to the Post Office or UPS location. USPS free Carrier pickup can only be used if you are shipping at least 1 Priority Mail or Express Mail package. You and your buyer can then track the package right in My eBay or PayPal’s account overview. USPS labels have delivery confirmation and UPS labels have detailed tracking from the initial scan to final delivery.

Fewer Buyer Emails An email is automatically sent to both you and the buyer when you purchase a shipping label through eBay and PayPal. The email includes details on how to track the package. You'll get fewer questions from buyers about the status of their shipments.

Competitive Rates Both the USPS and UPS offer benefits when you purchase and print shipping labels online. USPS offers free Delivery Confirmation for Priority MailŪ and Express MailŪ packages, and lower-cost Delivery Confirmation for First ClassŪ, Media MailŪ, and Parcel PostŪ packages. UPS offers lower shipping rates online than at the drop-off counter.

click here to see how eBay and PayPal Shipping works


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