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eBay/Paypal Shipping - What do i need ?

Before you can use eBay / Paypal Shipping you need to have a few things in place. The most important thing is that you have a Paypal account, To print your labels, we recommend a Dymo LabelWriter (see below), and the label supplies (also listed below) are specifically sized to print perfect USPS or UPS labels everytime!

Step 1 : get an active Paypal Account

If you do not already have a Paypal account, click here to register now. A Paypal account is necessary because all eBay Shipping and Paypal Shipping are both done via the Paypal backend (even though the eBay Shipping wizard starts from within your eBay account). NOTE: You do not need to be an eBay seller to accept Paypal or use Paypal Shipping.

Step 2 : buy a Dymo LabelWriter

To use eBay / Paypal Shipping, we recommend Dymo LabelWriters. All the current models support the eBay/Paypal 1-Part Shipping Label, but if you already own LabelWriter 330 or LabelWriter 330 Turbo, you won't need to buy a new printer.

LabelWriter 400

· prints up to 40 Address Labels per minute
· holds one roll of Labels
LabelWriter 400 Turbo

· prints up to 55 Address Labels per minute
· holds one roll of Labels
LabelWriter Twin Turbo

· prints up to 55 Address Labels per minute
· holds two rolls of Labels/Stamps so you can print your Dymo Stamp on one side of the LabelWriter and your Address Label on the other side
LabelWriter DUO

· prints up to 55 Address Labels per minute
· holds one roll of Dymo Stamps OR one roll of Dymo Labels; (also holds one Dymo D1 label cartridge for printing more durable/ weatherproof plastic labels)

Our recommendation is the LabelWriter Twin Turbo, and the reasoning is simple. You can load your eBay/Paypal Shipping Labels on one side of the printer, an then just have a roll of normal Address Labels or Shipping Labels or Filing Labels etc on the other side of the printer so there's no messing around with changing rolls/sizes all the time. (just like in the picture below)

NOTE: Dymo LabelWriters aren't just for printing eBay/Paypal Shipping Labels. They can print everything from Address Labels to Jewelry labels, Video Cassette Labels to CD/DVD Labels, Veterinary Prescription Labels to Price Tag Labels - there are 1000's of uses for a LabelWriter.

Step 3 : buy blank labels

To use eBay / Paypal Shipping you will need to use a special size label in your Dymo LabelWriter. You can find this label by clicking here..... or click here to learn more about this label and other labels that are available for your Dymo LabelWriter


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