Tip : Pipe and Tube Marking made easy with Rhino 310-00 Aluminum Labels

When the situation arises where you require a label that will that resist corrosion due to extreme weather, temperature, chemical, and UV exposure, the wise choice is the Rhino M1011 Metal Embossing Label Maker. As the name implies, it is a label embosser that uses metal label materials.

The M1011 uses adhesive and non-adhesive Aluminum labels, or non-adhesive Stainless Steel labels. All the labels are 1/2" wide (12mm) but you determine the length - your label could be 2 inches, but then again it could be 22 inches. There's a measuring gauge built-into the label maker and also built into the M1011 is a hole punch and a cable-tie slot punch.

The label in the picture is the Rhino 310-00 non-Adhesive Aluminum label. The user has created the label with the desired text, and then used the cable-tie slot punch to create the slots that the cable tie uses to adhere the label to the tube. This label supply is 16 feet long (4.8m) so you will definitely get a lot of labels out of each roll.

There's a whole bunch of different uses for the Rhino M1011, and given that the Aluminum and Stainless Steel labels are extremely durable, you won't be going to back to re-label pipes and tubes anytime soon.