Do you like the new Dymo LabelWriter 450 ?

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By Glen@Labelcity
Aug 19, 2009 - 7:20:05 PM

LabelWriter 450
When my friends at Dymo said they were sending me a box full of new LabelWriters, I got excited. I like new stuff. The excitement was short-lived because I started thinking that the old 400 series LabelWriters we've been selling for a number of years are such a great product that surely a new model couldn't offer much more.

When the box arrived my wife pulled rank and instantly claimed the Top-of-the-Range LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo (she likes to have 2 different rolls of labels loaded at all times)..... so I got *stuck* with the (awesome) 71-label-per-minute LabelWriter 450 Turbo.

I already have the old model LabelWriter 400 Twin Turbo in my office - which is more than capable of performing all my labelling needs - but I really wanted that 450 Twin Turbo, so I was a little disappointed.... that disappointment lasted less than 10 minutes (the time it took to install my new 450 Turbo and starting playing with it).

Dymo have really spent a lot of time and effort getting this model right. I always wondered what they could do to improve on the outgoing 400 series (which I thought was near perfect anyhow), but they did make the new ones better. Much better. Printing Dymo Labels just got easier.

For me the *speed* is what I love best. My LabelWriter can print up to 71 address labels per minute !!! Yep, it sounds crazy how quick they are nowadays. I remember the days when LabelWriters printed like 8 labels per minute. Back then, you'd click the print button on the Dymo software to print out a list of say 20 contacts, then you'd go and check your emails and make yourself a coffee, and just when you got back to your desk, the 20th label would finish printing (just kidding, it wasn't that bad, but considering the new model is almost 10 times as fast..... makes me wonder how we ever survived).

You might be more impressed with the cosmetic changes, or the new *sleep mode*, or the new software..... we'd love to hear your comments (click here to tell us what you think about the new LabelWriter 450 series)

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