Eye care center uses the Dymo LabelWriter DUO to "break the ice" with young patients

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Jan 21, 2008 - 9:52:40 AM

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Marianne Ripton OD, from Casa Saguaro EyeCare in Phoenix AZ, tells us about how they use a Dymo LabelWriter DUO in their Eye Care center.

Dymo LabelWriter DUO
Dymo LabelWriter DUO
"We use the DUO (Dymo LabelWriter DUO) for so much. It prints names on our charts, custom business cards and appointment reminders. Without it we would be in chaos. We can personalize our paperwork and bar code our patients records. We also use it to create colorful stickers for our young patients to break the ice.

We print quick notes to each other and stick them on our chairs and computers to remind us to do something. So much better than post it notes. The Duo rocks"

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