Dog Breeder labels dog food, tools, bottles, medicine, folders and collars with a Dymo LetraTag

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Jan 3, 2008 - 7:11:25 PM

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Dymo LetraTag
Here's what Allen Moore from M&M Kennels in Sulligent, AL, has to say about using his Dymo LetraTag around his breeding kennel.

�I use the DYMO LetraTag all around my Kennel, from dog food to tools; it�s a real time saver. When we have a new litter of puppies, I sort manila folders with the mother�s name on them; LetraTag really helps to organize the puppy�s information. Sometimes puppies have special needs; LetraTag allows me to efficiently label bottles, food, and medicine.

I extended the LetraTag�s efficiency by using rechargeable batteries. The LetraTag is both economical and portable. When a customer decides on a new puppy, I simply hand them the LetraTag and ask them to type their name, address, and phone #. I then print two labels, one I stick to my records, the other to the puppy�s collar for positive ID. Thus eliminating miss spelling and redundant entries. The LetraTag is so simple to understand, anyone can use it. Thank you LetraTag, for making my business efficient, accurate, and less stressful.�

Allen is receiving a brand new Dymo LabelWriter 400, valued at $84.90, for sharing his story with us. If you would like to share your unique label printer story with us, visit the following webpage: