Book Publisher Switches from Postage Stamps to Dymo Labels

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Dec 27, 2007 - 7:00:23 PM

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LabelWriter 400
Here's what Matt Guagliardo from Quill Driver Books has to say about using his Dymo LabelWriter with Endicia to print all of his postage.

�When I joined Quill Driver Books as their operations manager about six months ago, among the first things I learned was that order-fulfillment for books sent by media mail was done using postage stamps. Because of the varying weight of the books, we  purchased stamps in various denominations to be sure that we had sufficient postage. Even then, many times the postage was incorrect, either too much, or, even worse, too little, which caused some packages to be returned to us.

In addition, changes in postal regulations mandated that the stamped packages be taken to the post office rather than picked-up at our place of business. While the company owner appreciated the wisdom of not using stamps, he was reluctant to be tied to a long-term postage meter contract, particularly since our mailings are principally packages. Upon investigation, I learned of Endicia, which is a low-cost online mailing service. At the same time, I discovered Labelcity and their dynamite offer of a Dymo 400 printer, plus supplies, at what I believe was the lowest cost on the Web. The overall combination of a low-cost, non-contractual mailing service, together with a printer that could produce labels for us relatively inexpensively, was the ideal solution for our company.

Everyone here is thrilled with the change, particularly the individual who was responsible for buying stamps, the people in the warehouse who are mailing the books, and the person who had to bring the books to the post office, which is no longer a necessity since the packages will now have meter strips instead of stamps. Talk about saving time � WOW!�

Matt is receiving a brand new Dymo LabelWriter 400, valued at $84.90, for sharing his story with us. If you would like to share your unique label printer story with us, visit the following webpage: