Dymo 30256 Large Shipping Labels

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May 7, 2011 - 6:43:06 PM

Dymo 30256 / Labelcity 120300
The Large Shipping Label for Dymo LabelWriters (30256, 120300) which measures 2-5/16" x 4" (59x101mm) is an extremely popular label size. Originally designed to act as a label for larger envelopes and small/medium packages, the large shipping label has taken on 100's of other uses over the last decade or so.

Most people still use it for large envelopes and for packages, but because you can use Dymo's free software to create a label template for your own requirements, you can use it for basically whatever purpose you like.

Moving House or Office? the 30256 Large Shipping Label is perfect for labelling boxes / cartons. Some would print a description of the carton contents on the labels, others would simply print a large number on the label and have a separate register of what is inside each carton. Either way, it is an efficient and neat way to get organized.

Need name badges? over the last 15 or so years we've found that many LabelWriter uses like to limit the number of different  label sizes they use - that's why we see the 30256/120300 doubling-up as a shipping label and also a name badge.

Labelcity sells 1000's of rolls of this label each month. Our equivalent to the Dymo 30256 is the Labelcity 120300. It is 100% Dymo guaranteed and meets/exceeds all Dymo specifications.

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