End of an era for LetraTag models.....

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Jan 10, 2008 - 6:02:29 AM

The Dymo LetraTag, in terms of units sold, is the most popular Dymo label machine ever made. Targeted at the home user, the LetraTag found it�s way in many businesses too, because it is such a simple and cost-effective way to print small labels on-the-fly.

Dymo LetraTag
Dymo LetraTag (11946)
But the LetraTag model we�ve been so used to seeing is being discontinued. Why? because it has been replaced by the LetraTag Plus (the LetraTag Plus has been sold alongside the LetraTag for over a year already). The LetraTag Plus uses less batteries (4 versus 6), it has the option of an external AC power supply (the LetraTag doesn�t), it has a 13-character display (versus 6 on the LetraTag) and it even has a 9 label memory feature. There�s a whole lot of other improvements too.

The old model LetraTag units will still be sold until stock runs out. Manufacturing ceased on 12/31/2007. To learn more about Dymo LetraTag label printers, click this link: http://www.labelcity.com/eonline/items.asp?Cc=PRI-DYMO-LETRA