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Tech : Must Read : Rhino 5200 Hardcase Kit User Guide

The Rhino 5200 Hardcase Kit user guide is a must-read for Rhino 5200 owners.... or for those who think they might need one. If you need to create any kind of electrical labels, this machine will more than likely get the job done for you.

Inside the User Guide you'll find all the usual descriptions about loading batteries, caring for you label maker, troubleshooting and tech support contacts. But the real value is in the concise instructions provided for printing different types of labels. Some of the label types covered include:

  • creating Cable labels
  • creating Wire labels
  • creating Flag labels
  • creating Fixed-Length labels
  • creating Patch Panel labels
  • creating Electrical Panel labels
  • using Breaker Multipliers
  • printing Empty Breaker labels
  • creating Terminal Block labels
  • creating 110-Block labels
  • creating Module labels
  • creating Veetical labels

And the information doesn't stop there because the User Guide also describes other label formatiing options such as: Text Size, Text Style, Multi-line, adding Barcodes, inserting International characters, inserting Symbols, Serialization and even adjusting the print contrast of the labels.

Visit our Rhino 5200 Hardcase Kit webpage for more information on this device and to download the user Guide.