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Tip : LetraTag Label on an iPad power adapter

Do you have an iPad and an iPhone and can't tell the difference between the 2 power adapters? The iPhone charger is typically 5W and the iPad charger 10W, and depending on when you got your devices, the power adapters look identical, albeit for an almost microscopic notation on the underside which will say 5W or 10W.

There a simple way to distinguish between the 2, and it only take a few seconds to create. With a Dymo LetraTag label maker we made the label shown in the picture on this page to help make the distinction between the 2 adapters. All we did was type the text "iPad" and press the print button. Our LetraTag was already set to 'large' text size, but if it wasn't, it only takes a few seconds to toggle between the five different tezt size settings (Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large).

Additionally, we could have made the text look a little more funky by changing the text style to either Bold, Italic, Shadow or Vertical. And there's the outline option - make that 9 outline options, ranging from a simple underline to a box outline with flowers at either end.....

The Dymo LetraTag is a great device to have around the home or office. It is inexpensive (around $25) and prints on a number of different label colors and materials, with the most popular being plastic LetraTag labels. Also in the range is the extremely handy LetraTag Iron-on label which is as the name suggests perfect for labelling all kinds of clothing, as well as towels, hats, shoes etc.

LetraTag Label Makers are available for immediate shipping and come in 2 variants. One is more suited to being used as a handheld device and the other as a desktop device, but in reality you can use each device either way. The only other difference is that one has a QWERTY-style keypad and the other has an ABC123 keypad.