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Tech : Keeping your Dymo LabelWriter Clean

It's quite easy to keep your Dymo LabelWriter clean - inside and out. To keep it clean you can use a variety of methods and items. For instance, a lint-free cloth is perfect for cleaning the outside of your LabelWriter. This will help to stop foreign matter ending up inside your printer. Additionally you can use Isopropyl alcohol, diluted dishwashing detergent, or diluted glass cleaner (non ammonia) to get rid of dirt and smudges from the outside of your LabelWriter.

Cleaning the inside is pretty simple too, and Dymo advise that you do some periodic interior maintenance. When performing any cleaning task, Dymo recommend that you dosconnect the power, especially when you're cleaning the inside. To clean the interior of the LabelWriter you can use a small, soft brush or cotton swab to whisk away paper, dust and other stray particles from the inside of the printer. To clean the print mechanism, the best method is to use a Dymo cleaning card.

Dymo LabelWriter cleaning cards, when fed through the print head, clean the head free of dust and grime, ensuring longevity of the printhead as well as ensuring that you end up with the highest quality print output. To use a cleaning card, first remove the roll of labels from your printer, then following the instructions printed on the outside of the cleaning card packet. It is as simple as feeding the cleaning card through the printhead, just like feeding a new roll of labels into the printer.

Note that full cleaning instructions are printed in the Dymo LabelWriter user guide.