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Tip : It's Hospital for the Dymo LabelWriter 450

Occasionally we get asked 'who uses the Dymo LabelWriter 450' to print their labels ? The answer to that is not simple, and that's because so many people from so many different backgrounds, working in so many different jobs, require labels for so many different purposes. The 450 is a very versatile label printer and is used in many different professions and workplaces.

The LabelWriter 450 is used in offices, warehouses, retail stores, even at home...... and quite extensively in healthcare establishments, ranging from Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians and in Hospitals. In hospitals, the LabelWriter 450 is a very useful tool for printing labels for a number of purposes, including patient ID labels, filing labels, barcodes and even for addressing referral letters and other documentation.

On patients records, Hospitals typically print a patient ID label that contains personal information and typically a barcode. On patient file folders the hosiptal would typically print an identification label displaying the patients first and last names, and again a barcode could be used. Printing these types of labels with the LW450 is a rudimentary process. And, because the Dymo LabelWriter is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, and because Dymo have made available free Software Developer Kits, integrating the LabelWriter 450 into an existing computer system is a snack. Alternatively, a user can simply use Dymo's free DLS labeling software to create (design) and print labels.

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