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Tip : How to : Dymo 30911 12hr Expiring Name Badges

Issuing a name badge to visitors at your premises is a great way to add a modest level of security. If someone is lurking around your office / warehouse / laboratory etc without a name badge, you instantly identify them as someone who shouldn't be there.

But what if someone gets their hands on a name badge that was issued yesterday, or last week even, and ends up getting access to some restricted area of your business? Your employees might not know that the person is actually a trespasser because they're wearing a legitimate company-issued name badge and that would suggest that they have been permitted access.

There is a simple solution though, and it adds a 2nd level of security. The solution is a self-expiring name badge label. It expires 12 hours after it has been issued, meaning that an unauthorized person won't be able to use it the next day, week or month. Your employees will easily be able to see that the name badge has expired, casting immediate suspicion on the person and notifying security.

The Dymo 30911 12hr Expiring Name Badge Labels is the solution mentioned above. The 30911 is actually a 2-part solution, comprising of the Name Badge and a self expiring disc label.

The Name Badge is a blank white label with a prominent 'stop' sign preprinted on it. You use a Dymo LabelWriter label printer to print the visitors details on the Name Badge. Using Dymo's free DLS software that comes with a Dymo LabelWriter, you can create a template once that can include your company name, logo, date, visitors name and any other details you feel are pertinent, and each time a new visitor arrives you just use the same template but change the visitors name.

Once you've printed the Name Badge on your Dymo LabelWriter, you apply the self-expiring disc on top of the 'stop' sign. The self expiring disc is an opaque / cloudy label. When first applied you can see the 'stop' sign, but only just. After a period of 12 hours the self-expiring disc label becomes less and less opaque to the point where the 'stop' sign is fully visible, rendering the Name Badge expired.

The Dymo 30911 name badge labels can be printed on all current Dymo LabelWriter printers and on most older models including the LabelWriter 330 and 400 series. Labelcity stocks the full range of Dymo LabelWriters as well as the full range of Dymo Name Badges.