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Tip : Dymo XTL Vinyl Caution Label

(Updated 5/16/2019)

Printing a large highly visible 'Caution' label is a simple task on the Dymo XTL 300 or Dymo XTL 500 Industrial Label Printer. Moisture, chemical and UV resistance makes XTL Vinyl labels ideal for indoor/outdoor use, so in this case, Vinyl labels are the obvious choice

The XTL 300 printer takes labels up to 1" wide whereas the XTL 500 takes labels up to 2" wide. The label depicted on this page is 1-1/2" wide label, so it can only be printed on the XTL500, but you can create the same looking label on the XTL 300 with a 1" size label cartridge.

Creating this label is simple. The caution symbol is selected by pressing the 'insert' button, selecting 'symbols' and selecting the Caution symbol. Following that, you simply type the text "CAUTION" and then print your label. There's over 100 different symbols you can insert into a label on the XTL printers, including warnings, prohibited items, fire and exit, first aid, electrical and arrows..... meaning that you can create a label for just about any purpose.

The label used in this example is from the category Dymo XTL Black-on-Yellow Vinyl labels, and the specific label used is the Dymo XTL 1-1/2" Black-on-Yellow Vinyl label 1868774. As mentioned earlier, this label is suitable for use only in the XTL 500 printer, but the XTL 300 can print a similar label on the narrower 1" label. Following is the full list of labels you could use to create a label that looks like this:

:: XTL 1/2" Black-on-Yellow Vinyl Label 1868771 - XTL 300 & XTL 500
:: XTL 3/4" Black-on-Yellow Vinyl label 1868772 - XTL 300 & XTL 500
:: XTL 1-1/2" Black-on-Yellow Vinyl label 1868773 - XTL 300 & XTL 500
:: XTL 1-1/2" Black-on-Yellow Vinyl label 1868774 - XTL 500 only
:: XTL 2" Black-on-Yellow Vinyl label 1868775 - XTL 500 only