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Tip : Dymo Stamps Capabilities

Dymo Stamps offers a quick and convenient way to print your own postage. You print your own postage stamps (using Dymo Stamps item 30915). You affix the stamp to you mail and you're all set. There's no waiting in line at the Post Office to bvuy stamps. There's a number of things that Dymo Stamps can do. Here's a quick breakdown:

Domestic Mail Print postage for popular domestic mail classes including First-Class Mail (1-13 oz.), Postcards, Priority Mail Flat Rate, and Express Mail Flat Rate. And, since there's no expiration date, you can use them whenever you need them.

International Mail Purchase and print postage for 1 oz. First-Class Mail International mailing. Pre-filled customs forms are not included with DYMO Stamps service.

Thermal Printer Support Use genuine DYMO Stamps labels on most DYMO LabelWriter printers. Save on ink costs and avoid the trip to the Post Office.

Scale Integration Endicia software supports a wide variety of integrated scales to help streamline your process. Simply connect the scale to your computer and the software will retrieve the weight of the letter, calculating the correct postage required.