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Tip : Dymo Shipping Labels on a brown box

It might be stating the obvious, but the most likely place you’ll see a Dymo Shipping Label is on a brown box. Since the 1990’s the shipping label has been used in Dymo LabelWriter printers as a quick and easy way to add a touch of professionalism when shipping boxes, tubes, padded bags as well as envelopes large and small.

To print a shipping label all you need is Dymo’s free DLS (Dymo Labeling Software) application and a Dymo LabelWriter. There’s a whole bunch of templates already created in the software, and it’s so easy to modify the existing templates or to create your own. Some users include their own (return) address on the shipping labels they print, and some even add a logo, image or barcode.

You can also print Dymo Shipping Labels from your own software. The LabelWriter printers use standard Windows and Mac drivers so all you need to do is ensure you’ve got the right page/paper setup preferences set from within your software. Some example applications are Microsoft Word & Excel, and there’s even plu-ins for Outlook and Apple’s Contacts that enable you to print from your existing contact database.

The shipping labels on offer from Dymo are available in 2 similar sizes. They both measure 4� long but one is just a little taller than the other. Find out more about Dymo Shipping Labels.