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Tip : Dymo LetraTag in a Marble & Granite store

The Dymo LetraTag personal label maker is a very useful tool. Used for applications ranging from labels for books, pencils, clothing, in the kitchen, in the office and at school, there’s an endless list of possible usages.

One use that you probably have seen if you have ever visited a marble/granite/stone supplier is for identifying different stones in the store. There’s a number of different color labels available for use in the LetraTag, so depending on the color of the stone, there will be a label that suits.

The label used in the picture shown is clear with black print. The color of the stone shows through the label and all you see is the printed text.

To create this label all we did was type the name of the stone into the Dymo LetraTag printer, change the font size to Extra Large and press the print button. When the label finished printing, we depressed the cutter button, peeled off the backing from the label and adhered it to the stone. Less than a minute to give a professional look.

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