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Where to get Dymo LabelWriter 450 Ink Refills

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 doesn't use ink, so you never have to worry about buying ink refills. And it's not just the LabelWriter 450 that doesn't use ink, it is every Dymo LabelWriter ever made - none of them require/use ink.

So how do they print such rich black text and graphics? Simple, the Dymo LabelWriter uses direct thermal printing technology. The paper/plastic labels are coated with a special film, and the print head inside the LabelWriter actually burns the text or graphics onto the label. It's exactly like the old style fax paper, but today's equivalent doesn't fade or discolor as quick, and is a lot more durable.

Suffering from faded print on your Dymo LabelWriter? Sometimes we hear of Dymo labelWriter owners complaining about faint or faded print from their label printers. There's a few causes of this....

1. Using old labels - if your labels are old (we're talking years old) and the labels haven't been stored in a cool dry place, the thermal coating could have deteriorated and will result in poor quality / faint / faded print.
2. Using low quality labels - we've been manufacturing our own brand and selling the Dymo brand for over 20 years and in that time we've seen a lot of variance in label quality. Top quality label material costs more than low quality label material, so if you're using 'cheap' labels and the quality isn't there..... try some top quality Dymo LabelWriter labels from Labelcity
3. Dirty print head - over time the print head on your Dymo LabelWriter can collect residue or dust which can result in less than optimal print output. For more than 2 decades Dymo has recommended the regular use a of LabelWriter Cleaning Card to keep the print head clean.

If you're using new top quality Labelcity or Dymo labels in your LabelWriter, and you're still experiencing poor output from your labelWriter, call us, and we'll put you in direct contact with Dymo Tech Support.