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Tip : Dymo 30299 Jewelry Labels add a professional touch

The Dymo 30299 Jewelry label offers a professional touch for retailers of jewelry and other small items such as sunglasses. The jewelry label has been around for a long time, dating way back to the CoStar LabelWriter days from the 1990's, and is becoming more popular as a point-of-sale label

As you can see in the picture to this page, the 30299 Jewelry label is the common 'barbell' shape, enabling you to wrap it around small items. And, there's enough space at either end of the labels to put a price, description, item number or even a small barcode.

Although primarily used for all types of jewelry, the 30299 label is also used on many fashion accessories, including sunglasses. Because Dymo LabelWriter printer's are very affordable and the Dymo software is so easy to use, it's no wonder so many small and large businesses rely on a LabelWriter for labeling the products they sell.

Labelcity keeps a good stock holding of the Dymo 30299 label in both our East Coast and West Coast warehouses and we can ship fast anywhere in the USA and Canada.