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Tip : Creating Rhino 4200 Industrial Labels

You can quickly create labels for special industrial applications, such as wire/cable wrap, flag, breaker, or module. You can also create a fixed length label. Hot Keys are available for each of the label types.

The current label type is displayed in the Caption bar on the Rhino 4200 LCD screen. By default, the label type is General with no special formatting, text center aligned, and the length automatically determined by the amount of text.

Pressing a Hot Key always changes the current label type to the selected label type. For example, if you choose Flag and later want a General label, press the General key to remove the Flag settings and return to General label type.

Normally, the length of the label is determined by the length of the text entered. However, you may want to make a label for a specific purpose that is a fixed length regardless of the length of the text.

A wire/cable label is placed around a wire or cable. The label text is repeated as many times as possible depending on the size of the text and the width or length of the label.

A flag label wraps around a wire or
cable leaving the text part of the label
extending out from the cable. The text
on a flag label is automatically printed
on both ends of the label, leaving a
blank space in the middle that wraps
around the cable. When the label is
applied to the cable, both ends of the label are applied back to back leaving a tail or flag. The result is a label that can be read from both sides.

A breaker label is a multi-cell label used to label a row of breakers. You select the breaker height and number of breakers, enter the text for each breaker, and print. The result is a long label with a text for each breaker.

There’s so many other labels that can be created on the Rhino 4200