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Tip : Create a Warning / Hazard Label on the Rhino 4200

Creating warning/hazard labels on the Dymo Rhino 4200 is simple. You can create a basic label with just some text - perhaps the word 'warning' or 'hazard' will do. But if you want the label to look ultra professional, all you need to do is delve into the Rhino 4200's built-in library of Warning / Hazard symbols.

Some of the available warning / hazard symbols onboard the Rhino 4200 are as follows:
- High Voltage
- General Warning
- Oxidizing Hazard
- Radioactive Hazard
-Corrosive Material Hazard
- Toxic Hazard
- Biological Hazard

To create the label we made today, we used the 3/4" Rhino 18491 Black on Yellow Flexible Nylon Label. The first step was to press the Library button, scroll Symbols, then to Hazard/Warning and select the high voltage symbol we used in the picture on this page. Next we simply typed the text 'WARNING' and pressed ther print button. Less than 30 seconds.....

The Rhino 4200 is a feature-rich label printer at a very affordable price. It can print all kinds of labels for industrial purposes, ranging from cable wrap labels and heat-shrink labels thru to the simple warning / hazard label we created today. Rhino Label Printers are available for shipping from our East and West Coast warehouses, as is the entire range of Rhino Labels