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Removable Labels for Seiko SLP Label Printers

The standard glue / adhesive on Seiko SLP labels is what we call 'permanent'. These labels are meant to stay stuck, but when you do peel them off, you will more than likely encounter glue/residue where the label was.

Some instances require that a label stays firmly stuck, but when removed, there's no leftover glue or residue. For instance, in a warehouse or in a store, you may use a label to denote what's on a shelf. When the contents of the shelf changes, you'll want to remove the label quickly and efficiently and replace it with a new label. Using a 'removable' label solves the problem. The removable glue is strong enough to keep the label intact, but when it comes time to remove it, there's no residual mess.

We've got a little collection of Removable Labels for use in Seiko printers. Here's direct links to them:
- all Seiko Removable Labels
- Seiko 'Address-size' Removable labels
- Seiko 'Shipping-size' Removable labels
- Seiko 'Diskette-size' Removable labels

In the links above we've referred to the 'size' of each label according to their traditional names. Because a label is called an Address label doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be used for addressing an envelope. In fact this size is used for many other purposes, including : specimen bottle/vial labels, shelving labels, and barcode labels.