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endicia Internet Postage

Endicia Internet Postage works seamlessly with most Dymo LabelWriters. The Endicia system uses a special piece of software that guides you through the label creation process, and at the end you get a Postage Stamp and an Address/Shipping Label all at the same time. So all you need to do is place the labels on your envelope or package, and drop them off at the post office - no waiting in line to buy stamps.

The Endicia software is very user-friendly. Once you're in the Endicia software, the process is simple:
  • You select a label layout
  • You then select an address from your database in the Endicia Software (you can add addresses on-the-fly, or even import your database)
  • You select the weight of the mailpiece
  • Then select the class of mail
  • and Print!
You've just printed a Postage Stamp and an Address/Shipping Label for your mail piece, and it's ready for the mailbox ! The postage amount is automatically computed, deducted from your Endicia account, and printed on the envelope or label.

click here to see what label sizes Endicia Internet Postage software supports

click here to visit the endicia website to find out more




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