Your LabelWriter will live longer if it is kept clean

Posted in: Tips & Techniques
Dec 6, 2006 - 1:03:34 AM

Dymo & CoStar LabelWriter are precision-built label printers, and they require little maintenance. The printhead on a Dymo LabelWriter is rated at 2 million inches and to help ensure that your LabelWriter lasts it's 2 million inches, Dymo recommends that you regularly clean the printhead on your LabelWriter to free it from dust and any build-up of glue.

So how do you keep your LabelWriter clean ?
Simple, you just spend 10 seconds running a cleaning card through your LabelWriter (see below for more information about cleaning cards).

Using these Cleaning Cards is not a mandatory requirement to keep your warranty intact, but in our 16 years experience in dealing with Dymo/CoStar LabelWriters, we recommend that this should be done once a month (you can do it more frequently if you choose) to keep your LabelWriter healthy..... and at $8.90 for 10 cards (89c per card/month) it is definitely cheap maintenance

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