RhinoPro Labels for all kinds of applications

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Dec 6, 2007 - 6:24:51 AM

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RhinoPro 5000 Kit
RhinoPro Label Machines are easy-to-use and affordable professional-grade label printers for cabling contractors, security system installers, audio/video experts, facility managers, broadcast engineers and others to help them properly and securely label and identify the systems they install and/or manage.

But the real difference between ordinary label printers and the Rhino range is the types of labels (materials) on offer. There�s Flexible Nylon, Heat Shrink Tubes, Vinyl Labels, Permanenet Polyester Labels, Metallized Labels and even non-adhesive tags. This all-encompassing range of materials enables you to label cables, wires, cords, flat surfaces, curved surfaces, rough textured surfaces and the vinyl labels are perfectly suited to outdoors applications where moisture, checmicals and solvents are present.

Our big tip is that RhinoPro machines shouldn�t just be treated as �professional� label printers for the professional installer or maintenance person. These label machines are commonly found in offices, and especially in homes because they are so versatile, both in functionality and in available label materials.

click the following link for more info on RhinoPro machines: http://www.labelcity.com/rhinopro