LabelWriter Advancing Incorrectly or is Advancing Blank Labels

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Jul 6, 2007 - 7:30:40 PM

Follow the steps below to isolate the cause of this problem.

1. Press the feed button on the front of your LabelWriter printer. If it advances more then one label then it is most  likely a label issue.  Click here to see the location of the form feed button.

Verify that you are using DYMO labels or LABELCITY labels. We recommend that you use only genuine DYMO or LABELCITY labels to insure quality.
Verify that the labels are loaded correctly.  Click here  for more information on loading the labels on the spool and into the LabelWriter.

2. If you press the feed button and only one label advances, then it is most likely an incorrect setting in the DYMO Label Software (DLS) or within your third party application.

Open DLS, go to File, and select New. From the list of available labels, choose the label that you have loaded in the LabelWriter and select OK.  Verify you are selecting the correct label from the list otherwise the LabelWriter may print or form feed incorrectly. You should now see a completely blank label on screen. Place an address or text object on the label, enter some text, and print one label. If the LabelWriter prints one label then the problem is in the format of the label template you were previously trying to print with. Try designing a new label template to resolve the problem.

If you are printing from a third party application and the LabelWriter is advancing more than one label at a time or printing incorrectly, you may have incorrect paper settings specified. To help verify this, print a label from DLS. DLS is configured to properly print to all DYMO LabelWriter label sizes. If the LabelWriter prints correctly from DLS but not from the third party application, you�ll need to contact the software vendor to help resolve the issue.

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