Keeping your Label Printer healthy is simple

Posted in: Tips & Techniques
Dec 13, 2007 - 11:32:29 AM

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If you ever notice faded print from your Label Printer, there�s bound to be a simple explanation. Depending on which model you have, here�s a few tips on keeping your labeler in good shape:

Dymo LabelWriters : the most important thing you can do is use only Dymo-tested labels. Using Labelcity brand or Dymo brand labels will ensure optimum performance. Also, when you buy a brand new LabelWriter, you receive a single cleaning card that helps to clean up glue or debris build-up on the print mechanism. It is recommended (but not necessary) to periodically use a cleaning card (item # 60622) to keep your labelwriter in good health.

Electronic Labellers (Rhino, LetraTag, ExecuLabel) : Always use a good quality brand of alkaline batteries. The print head requires a significant amount of battery power to ensure proper printing on the label. Also, using the special brush supplied with your labelmaker (located on the inside cover of the cassette compartment) or a cotton swab with a soft solvent (e.g. rubbing alcohol), carefully clean the transporter roller and print head. Dust, dirt, or glue may accumulate on the rubber transport roller or print head inside the cassette compartment and adversely affect print quality.