Ever used Dymo�s free Address Fixer tool to ensure that your mail is properly addressed?

Posted in: Tips & Techniques
Jan 21, 2008 - 7:45:37 AM

Address Fixer is a separate utility that is automatically installed with DYMO Label Software, aka DLS (that's the software you get for FREE when you buy a Dymo LabelWriter).

Using DYMO Address Fixer, you can check the recipient�s address against a database of US addresses, correct any mistakes, and automatically add the complete nine-digit ZIP+4 barcode.

To check an address simply:
1. Select one of your contacts in Dymo Label Software
2. Click the �Check Address� button or select �Check Address� from the �Address Book� drop-down menu

The Dymo software will automatically check your contacts� address against the database and correct it with the proper 9-digit ZIP+4 postal code, ensuring that your mail gets delivered accurately.

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