Dymo LabelManager 420P High-Performance Portable Label Maker

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Feb 21, 2011 - 10:33:39 PM

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The LabelManager 420P from Dymo is a step toward the future for portable label makers. In the past you'd need to keep feeding them 4 or 6 AA or AAA batteries - now with the 420P you get a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, saving you money and time.

Dymo LabelManager 420P
Dymo LabelManager 420P Portable Label Maker
The LabelManager 420P is predominantly used as a stand-alone labeller, but this model also has the ability to be connected to a Windows PC* or Mac** via USB. It interfaces with Dymo's award-winning DYMO Label Software making it even easier to print regularly used labels, as well as barcodes & logos, and enables you to print batches of labels from data files.

Another cool new feature of the LabelManager 420P is it's ability to show you how the text will look on it's backlit 4-line LCD screen before you print your labels - most others show standard text without any styling being applied (i.e. italic, underline, bold, etc).

The Dymo LabelManager 420P print's on 4 different label sizes from the Dymo D1 label tape range - 1/4" (6mm), 3/8" (9mm), 1/2" (12mm), 3/4" (19mm) - giving you a total of 33 different label tape and color combinations for your labeling requirements.

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*Windows Vista ®, Windows ® 7, Windows (R) XP
** Mac OS (R) v10.5 or later

(download LabelManager datasheet 2Mb PDF)

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