Dymo 1785353 High Capacity Address Labels

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Apr 15, 2011 - 8:24:25 AM

Dymo 1785353 Labels
Dymo 1785353 Hign Capacity Address Labels
Dymo have just launched a few new label rolls for use in it's LabelWriter 4XL printers, and they hold up to 3 times as many labels.

The Dymo 1785353 High Capacity Address label roll contains no less than 1050 address labels - previously the most address labels per roll for a LabelWriter was 350. But how did they do it?

Existing Dymo LabelWriter users would know that labels come on rolls lengthways, so for each address label printed, the printer feeds out 3.5 inches of label at a time (the rolls are just over 1 inch wide). The new 1050 label roll has the labels running the other way - Dymo spun the labels 90 degrees - so for each label printed the printer only has to spit out just over 1 inch of label (the roll is 3.5 inches wide).

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So what you end up with is 3 times more address labels per roll, and up to 129 Address Labels per Minute print speed ! And you guessed it, the cost per label has dropped considerably compared to the 350-label-per-roll offering.

The caveat is that these label rolls only work in the Dymo LabelWriter 4XL model because they are too wide to fit in the other models. But when you consider less labor required to change out empty labels rolls as often, plus increased print speed, plus savings per label...... the new high-capacity solution could just be right for you.

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