Print LabelWriter Labels from your ipad

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Nov 23, 2010 - 6:55:20 PM

If you have ever dreamed of printing address labels for contacts on your iPad, your dreams have come true. Admittedly, the solution involves a few steps involved in printing a label, but that's not to detract from the fact that this will save some people a lot of time - it's definitely a time saver !!!

We're guessing that the label printing functionality will become more streamlined as time passes. Perhaps Dymo will come up with their own 1-click or 2-click label printing app that uses the ipad contacts??

Note: This article is not a paid endorsement. Labelcity does not have any commercial relationship with the creator of this app (EuroSmartz Ltd). We bought the app ourselves, tried it out, and thought it would make sense to let our customers know about it. Usage/purchase of the app is at the sole discretion of the reader of this article.

The app is called "Print" (for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) and it cost us $2.99 - we searched for "EuroSmartz" in the app store after reading some blogs about printing labels from the iPad. This company has a number of iPad apps, and a few of them offer printing support, but we went for the basic one because all we wanted to do was print labels.

Anyhow, for this app to work you need to have a Dymo LabelWriter attached to your Mac or PC, and be running a free utility from EuroSmartz called "WePrint".

So after installing and configuring the app (took a few minutes), we selected a contact, pressed the print button, made sure all the page/label settings were right then printed the label. Magic. It worked.

Now we know now that for the price of a coffee, you can get an app that enables you to print contacts from an iPad (iPhone or iPod Touch*) right to a Dymo LabelWriter. That's a big time saver and just makes life a little easier for some.

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