How does a DJ from NY benefit from using a a Dymo label printer?

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Nov 15, 2007 - 12:40:53 PM

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ExecuLabel LabelManager 450
Here�s what Mark Z, a music DJ from Albany, NY, has to say about his Dymo Label Printer:

�As a DJ, I make a lot of custom mixed CD's. I call my CD books "Bibles," and every book (all four of them) have mixes from ranging from classical, country, rap, r&b, metal, alternative, classics, ect. I have them categorized by genre and each disc gets a number code so I can easily find it when I cross reference with my MS Access CD and song catalog.

I use the generic Dymo software that was included with my labeler and it works well for what I need. Around the home, I use my Label Manager 450 for labeling my tool boxes, personal music collection, books, kitchen items, and my wife uses the labeler for her client files, home office desk, etc. All in all, the labeler gets a lot of use and I'm happy to say that I found Label City because the prices and selection are great!�