Removable Labels for Dymo, CoStar & Seiko Label Printers

Posted in: Label Supplies
Jan 7, 2007 - 6:50:45 AM

For those who need a label that can be peeled off easily without leaving behind glue or any label material, Labelcity has the answer. We stock Removable labels for use on Dymo, CoStar and Seiko printers.

These labels are made from the same materials as regular labels for Dymo, CoStar and Seiko printers, but instead of using a permanent adhesive we use a removable adhesive - the label is the same, just different glue.

We currently have 4 sizes available for Dymo/CoStar LabelWriter users and 2 sizes available for Seiko SLP users. This list will grow based on demand, so if you have a need for a removable label in a different size to the currently available sizes, please let us know.

The current available sizes are as follows:

  • Removable Labels for Dymo/CoStar LabelWriters
  • Removable Labels for Seiko Smart Label Printers