Dymo LabelWriter 450 vs Dymo LabelWriter 400

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Aug 11, 2009 - 10:23:05 PM

Dymo LabelWriter 450 versus Dymo LabelWriter 400

The all new Dymo LabelWriter 450 is definitely more than just a mere facelift of it's outgoing predecessor, the LabelWriter 400. Not only does it blow the 400 away in terms of speed, it also benefits from increased print resolution, a power saving feature and awesome new software which makes labelling even more of a breeze (the software is bundled with the LabelWriter 450 and is also a FREE download for the 450 Series) .

As a brief overview, there are 4 models in the new 450 series, and all 4 are direct replacements for their corresponding 400 series models, which will be phased out in the coming months.

- LabelWriter 450 replaces LabelWriter 400
- LabelWriter 450 Turbo replaces LabelWriter 400 Turbo 
- LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo replaces LabelWriter 400 Twin Turbo
- LabelWriter 450 DUO* replaces LabelWriter 400 DUO
   (*available Nov 2009)

LabelWriter 450 vs LabelWriter 400

The LabelWriter 450 is the entry-level LabelWriter, but that's not a fair description of this model. The LW450 is a workhorse. It prints up to 51 address labels per minute, and it will do this all day. The print head has a life expectancy of 2 million inches, which equates to 20 labels per day for 68 years...... Compared to the LabelWriter 400 which it is replacing, this print speed signifies a 27.5% increase (51 per minute vs 40 per minute).

HOW MUCH IS THE LABELWRITER 450 ? (click here)

A power saving feature has long been on the list of demands from label printer users, right across all the brands and models. Dymo has added this feature to the LabelWriter 450 and they call it "Sleep Mode". When your LabelWriter is not in use, the blue light at the front of the printer will dim, signifying that the printer has been powered down to a minimum, conserving energy without needing to unplug it.......

With the launch of the LabelWriter 450 comes the introduction of Dymo's new Label software v.8 - this new version (which is only compatible with the 450 series) makes label creation even simpler. The user interface has been dramatically improved (even though the old version of software was so good), making it even easier to design and save your own templates (the new label software offers over 100 pre-defined templates and you can make as many as you like). And, with add-ins for Outlook, Word, Excel, Mac Address Book, Quickbooks and CardScan, creating labels on-the-fly couldn't be easier.

What about the look of the new 450 series? if you've been familiar with LabelWriters for a number of years, you will no doubt recognize the similar design and shape between the 400 and 450 series. Our guess is that since you can't improve on perfection, Dymo stuck with the design that works. the new 450 series definitely looks sleeker and inside there have been some mods that make it easier to load your label rolls.

In summary, the new LabelWriter 450 definitely outshines the outgoing LabelWriter 400. It is sleeker, faster, offers improved software/functionality and saves energy when it's not in use. What more could you want for almost the same $$$$ ?

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