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Dymo Stamps

DYMO Stamps™ is the fast and easy way to print USPS®-approved postage – from PC or Mac. It eliminates the need for costly postal meters, or to stand in line at the post office to purchase stamps. And it makes it simple to print the precise amount of postage you need for each mail piece.

Dymo Stamps

How does Dymo Stamps work ?

The simple answer to this question is that you use a Dymo LabelWriter Printer and Dymo Stamps Software program to print postage details onto a blank label - this label then becomes your USPS-certifed postage stamp. Then all you do is put an address on your envelope or package and it's ready to go - no need to wait in line at the Post Office to buy a stamp(s).

Dymo Stamps

The beauty of Dymo Stamps is that there is no monthly fee for having a postage account. You simply deposit some funds into your Dymo Stamps account, and as you print your postage, your balance is automatically updated and when you run out of funds, you simply add some more.

What do i need to get started ? There are a few things you need to do to get started. You will naturally need a Dymo LabelWriter in order to print your stamps, but you will also need to setup your free Dymo Stamps account, and if you don't already have some blank stamps, you will need to buy some (you can order these from within the Dymo Stamps software).
  • Purchase a Dymo LabelWriter 400 Turbo, Twin Turbo or DUO (note that the LabelWriter 400 and all earlier models are not compatible with Dymo Stamps)
  • Setup your FREE Dymo Stamps account (click here)
  • Add some funds to your Dymo Stamps account (this is easy to do once you are logged into your account)
  • Buy some blank labels/stamps (again, this is done from within the Dymo Stamps software)
Now you're ready to start printing Stamps!

But how do I "address" the envelope/package ? Your LabelWriter can help you to print an address label too. All you need is a roll of Address Labels or Shipping Labels and you are all set....

Dymo Stamps


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