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Dymo 30253 2-up Labels

These labels are exactly the same size as the standard Address labels but instead of 1 label being printed at a time, 2 labels are printed side-by-side.. .that's why they call them 2-up Address Labels. Each label measures 1-1/8" x 3-1/2" (28x89mm), and they are available in just one pack size (700/per roll). These are compatible with the wide printhead model in the LabelWriter range (LabelWriter EL60, Turbo, 320, 330, 330 Turbo, 400, 400 Turbo, Twin Turbo, DUO, SE300).

- USA / Canada / Europe / Asia pricing
- (for Australian Pricing click here)

Dymo 30253 specifications

- White 2up address Labels
- permanent adhesive
- 1-1/8" x 3-1/2" (28x89mm)
- 1 roll @700 labels per roll
- suit 'wide' printhead Dymo/CoStar LabelWriters
- Labelcity part # 30253
- Dymo / CoStar part # 30253

Alternate Address Label packs to the Dymo 30253 (if you do not want to print 2 side-by-side labels at a time, the the following 1-up address labels might suit you better):
  • Dymo 30251 (Labelcity 120130) = 2 rolls x 130 labels/roll
  • Dymo 30320 (Labelcity 120260) = 2 rolls x 260 labels/roll
  • Dymo 30252 (Labelcity 120350) = 2 rolls x 350 labels/roll

  • Why use genuine labels only?

    Using labels that are out-of-spec will more than likely cause unseen damage to the printhead and roller mechanism in your LabelWriter. A Dymo LabelWriter is a precision piece of electronic equipment and label paper that is like 1/100th of an inch too thick or too thin can strip the cogs on the printhead wheel and ruin your printer. There is a simple solution..... only use genuine Dymo Labels, or genuine Labelcity labels - and you will never, ever have to worry about buying a new printer because the labels you are using ruined your printer.

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