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Dymo 30251 Labels

Address labels are by far the most popular size labels used in Dymo and CoStar LabelWriters. The standard address label measure 1-1/8" x 3-1/2" (28x89mm) and is available in 3 different pack sizes (see below). To prolong the life of your LabelWriter and to preserve the warranty, always use genuine Dymo or genuine Labelcity brand labels which both meet or exceed the approived label material specifications.

- USA / Canada pricing

Dymo 30251 / Labelcity 120130 specifications

- White address Labels
- permanent adhesive
- (click here for removable labels)
- 1-1/8" x 3.5" (28x89mm)
- 2 rolls @130 labels per roll
- suit all Dymo & CoStar printers
- Labelcity part # 120130
- Dymo / CoStar part # 30251

Alternate Address Label packs to the Dymo 30251 / Labelcity 120130 labels:
  • Dymo 30320 (Labelcity 120260) = 2 rolls x 260 labels/roll
  • Dymo 30252 (Labelcity 120350) = 2 rolls x 350 labels/roll
  • Removable Address Labels = 2 rolls x 260 labels/roll

  • About Dymo & Labelcity LabelWriter Labels

    Labelcity offers the widest range of labels available for use in Dymo LabelWriter Printers. And all labels sold by Labelcity are fully tested and approved by Dymo, meaning that you will never risk the 2 year warranty of your LabelWriter. Some cheap 'knock-off' labels will cause severe damage to your LabelWriter and void it's warranty.

    Can I still buy Labels for my CoStar LabelWriter® ?

    All the labels that the CoStar LabelWriter used are still the same as the ones being used in the Dymo models that are available now. Dymo are reknowned for making bacwards-compatible products and it is a testament to their success. When sourcing labels for use in any CoStar/Dymo printer be careful that you are buying quality tested labels. The best bet is to buy from a Dymo partner like the ones listed above. Again, Labelcity.com is a specialist in CoStar & Dymo Label supplies.

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    Labelcity, Inc. is the largest specialist online retailer of Dymo, CoStar and Seiko label printers and supplies. We stock the entire range of Dymo LabelWriter printers, accessories and supplies, the entire range of accessories and label supplies for the superseded CoStar range of printers and the entire range of label supplies for the Seiko Smart Label Printer range. Visit our online shop Labelcity.com to buy printers and labels including "Dymo Labels"