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Dymo LabelWriter Labels

Dymo LabelWriter printers are the leading desktop labeling solution in the world. They have an extremely small footprint, are relatively inexpensive, and can print up to 55 Address Labels per minute. LabelWriter printers use a thermal label paper, so there is no need for ink, toner or ribbons - all you need are Dymo Labels !
Supplies are available for many purposes, such as addressing, shipping, postage, filing, shelf-labeling, CD/DVD, diskette, veterinary.... and the list goes on. We recently ran a survey on customers and found some very peculiar uses indeed. We uncovered uses ranging from Avon Representatives who use their LabelWriters for labelling their brochures, right through to DVD stores who use Label Writers to make a barcode labels for the inner ring of their discs.

Wide variety of Dymo LabelWriter Labels

Labelcity boasts the largest range of supplies for Dymo LabelWriter printers - our range is even bigger than Dymo's. And all labels sold by Labelcity are fully tested and approved by Dymo, meaning that you will never risk the 2 year warranty of your LabelWriter. Some cheap 'knock-off' labels will cause severe damage to your LabelWriter and void it's warranty. Following is a list of links to all the label sizes available:

(NOTE: the names of the following label packs do not necessarily mean that they need to be used for that purpose. for instance, an address label is typically used for addressing envelopes, but these labels can be used for whatever purpose you like. Some people use on shelves in warehouses, some people use them on file folders and some people even use them as name badges)

Dymo Address Labels - used mainly for Addressing envelopes or small packages
Address 130/roll (30251) - Address 350/roll (30252) - Address 260/roll (30320)
2-up Address (30253) - Clear Address (30254) - Blue Address (30341)
Peach Address (30342) - Lavender Address (30343) - Yellow Address (30255)
Large Address Labels (30321) - Return Address Labels (30330)

Dymo Shipping Labels - used chiefly addressing large envelopes, packages and pallets
Large Shipping Labels (30256) - Standard Shipping Labels (30323)
Red Border (30344) - Clear (30269)

Dymo Media Labels - for videos, CD/DVD, diskettes, backup tapes and zip disks
Diskette Labels 400/roll (30258) - Diskette 320/roll (30324) - Removable Diskette Labels (30331)
Audio Cassette Lables (30337) - 8mm Backup Tape Label (30339) - Zip diskette label (30370)
VHS Video Spine Label (30325) - VHS Video Top/Face Label (30326)
57mm CD/DVD Labels (30854) - Inner core CD/DVD label (30886)

Dymo Filing Lables - for all your filing needs, including file folders and filing cabinets
1-up File Folder Label (30327) - Blue Stripe (30275) - Red Stripe (30276)
2-up File Fodler (30277) - Tab Inserts (30376)

PC Postage & Internet postage Labels
3-part Internet Postage (30383) - 2-part Internet Postage (30384)
3-part w/ Delivery Confirmation (30387) - DYMO Stamps

Multipurpose / Small Labels
1" x 1" (30332) labels - 1/2" x 1" (30333) - 2-1/4" x 1-1/4" (30334)
1/2" x 1/2" (30335) - 1" x 2-1/8" (30336)

Name Badge Labels & Tags
Non-Adhesive Tags (30856) - Adhesive Labels (30857)
Time-expiring Tags (30910) - Time-expiring Label (30911)
Name Badge Clips (30887)

Other LabelWriter supplies
Paper Rolls (30270) - Jewelry Labels (30299)
Price Tag (30373) - Appointment / Business Cards (30374)
Cleaning cards (60622)

Can I still buy Labels for my CoStar LabelWriter® ?

All the labels that the CoStar LabelWriter used are still the same as the ones being used in the Dymo models that are available now. Dymo are reknowned for making bacwards-compatible products and it is a testament to their success. When sourcing labels for use in any CoStar/Dymo printer be careful that you are buying quality tested labels. The best bet is to buy from a Dymo partner like the ones listed above. Again, Labelcity.com is a specialist in CoStar & Dymo Label supplies.


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