Article: May24, 2006  
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Dymo Stamps saves you time

Why line up at the post office to buy your stamps
Ever lined up in a big long queue at the Post Office just to buy one single 39c postage stamp ? What a waste of time, especially knowing that you can print your own postage stamps right from your PC. Seriously, you can print a postage stamp that is fully approved by the US Postal Service (USPS) right from your PC... so the only thing you will be doing at the post office is dropping your mail in the outgoing mailbox. You don't need to line up to pay for your letter/package to be mailed, your postage has already been paid for.

Dymo Corporation have teamed up with the USPS to deliver a system that allows you to print your postage stamps from a free software program called Dymo Stamps. Basically, you create an online Dymo Stamps account, add some postage funds to your account ($10 minimum) and start printing postage stamps on your Dymo LabelWriter printer. Opening an account with Dymo Stamps is free, and there is no monthly service fee. All you pay for are blank stamp labels, and the actual cost of the postage.

You will however need a Dymo LabelWriter printer to print your own stamps, and scales to weigh your mail (scales can be found in most Department stores starting at around $10). The most popular LabelWriter, the Dymo LabelWriter 400 Turbo is just $109 (with free shipping from When you take delivery of your Dymo LabelWriter, you get given a free roll of Shipping Labels and also a roll of blank Dymo Stamps. Also included is instructions on getting started with Dymo Stamps, and with the simplicity of registering your Dymo Stamps account, there is no reason why you can't be printing postage stamps within 10 minutes of taking delivery of your LabelWriter.

Note: the Dymo LabelWriter isn't used solely for printing stamps, they can print everything from Address Labels to Jewelry labels, Video Cassette Labels to CD/DVD Labels, Veterinary Prescription Labels to Price Tag Labels - there are 1000's of uses for a LabelWriter.

Dymo Stamps software is extremely easy to use, and it is compatible with Windows 2000 and XP, as well as with Macintosh OS X v10.2.8 and later. Dymo spent a lot of time getting the stamp-creation process right, and they have made it so simple that even a computer novice will do it with ease.

Suppose you have an envelope that needs to be mailed to a client. You simply open the Dymo Stamps software, select the type of mail service (First Class, Priority Mail, International Air or Postcard), select the weight, select the quantity of stamps (if you had say 5 envelopes, you would set the qty to 5) and then print your stamps. The stamp ejects out of the LabelWriter printer, and waits for you to peel it off and affix it to your envelope.

You can even print a whole lot of postage stamps ahead of time. For example, if you regularly send the same size/weight envelopes, you can go ahead and print off a strip of stamps and keep them handy for when you are ready to send your mail. Or if you prefer, you can just do them as you go.

To take some of the mystery out of how it all works, visit where we provide more in-depth details and some pictures of how the Dymo Stamps system works. We also provide links to where you can register for Dymo Stamps and there are online tutorials and demos for Windows and Mac users.

It is definitely worth a look. Every day we all waste so much time doing things that can be done quicker and easier - lining up at the post office to buy stamps can be a great time-waster, so have a quick look at Dymo Stamps and you will soon agree that this is a better way!

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